Plot Price in Bashundhara i Block

Plot Price in Bashundhara i Block

The i Block in Bashundhara is in an attractive location. If you are looking for a ready area for building your dream house in Bashundhara, then i Block can be a very good option. Because, the block has already gone through a lot of development activities.

You already know the location. Now, let’s talk about the pricing. Plot price in the i Block is a bit higher than the other blocks that are far from the main gate. Because so many people have already built their houses in this block and they are already living or renting here.

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Plot Price in Bashundhara I Block

A. Plot Price at i Block Based on Amenities

The amenities around your house are very crucial for living. That said, i Block is a worthy area to live in. Mehedi Mart, Playpen School, Arabika Coffee, The Stadium, Sunnydale School and many other facilities are already in use in the block.

Therefore, if you are looking for these amenities just beside your house, then you should obviously go for i Block in Bashundhara . However, since the amenities are already in use, the price in i Block is a bit higher than the remote blocks.

If you buy a plot very close to popular amenities, the price will be higher while the other plots’ price will be lower.

B. Price Based on Plot Face

B1. Price of South Facing Plots in i Block in Bashundhara:

South facing plots come with a lot of benefits. The sunlight and south breeze make a big difference between other plots and south facing plots.

Which is why the price of south facing plots are normally higher than north, east, and west facing plots. The price of south facing plots in i Block may start from BDT 75 lakh per katha.

B2. North & Other Plot Price in i Block:

The north facing, east facing, and west facing plots are cheaper than the south facing ones. However, other factors may affect the pricing of a north facing east facing or west facing plot. The price may start from BDT 70 lakh per katha.

C. Price of Corner & Non-Corner Plots

C1. Corner Plots:

The position of a plot matters a lot in terms of pricing. A corner plot gets some extra advantages for its position. An average corner plot in the i Block in Bashundhara may be around BDT 85 lakh per katha while the price may start from 75 lakh.

C2. Non-Corner Plots:

Non-corner plots, on the other hand, should be priced less than the corner plots. Though the price may vary based on many other factors, the starting price of a non-corner plot may be BDT 65 lakh per katha.

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D. Commercial & Non-Commercial Plots

D1. Commercial Plots:

Commercial plots have much higher value than non-commercial plots. You can make commercial buildings on a piece of commercial land. However, you can’t do so in residential land. Therefore, the price between commercial and non-commercial land varies a lot. The starting price of a commercial plot may be BDT 1 crore per katha.

D2. Non-Commercial Plot:

Non-commercial land in i block is less costly than commercial ones. You can make only residential buildings on a non-commercial plot. The price in such cases may start from 65 lakh per katha.

E. What’s the Average Plot Price in i Block of Bashundhara?

Calculating and stating the exact average price of plots in i Block is pretty difficult. However, according to our experience, the average price of a plot in i Block is around 80 lakh per katha.

The price may deviate to a great extent depending on many factors

Find some example factors below:

  • Prices of south facing plots are normally higher.
  • Corner plots are costlier than non-corner plots
  • .
  • Commercial plots and non-commercial plots are not the same in terms of pricing.
  • If you want to buy a plot which is, at the same time, south facing, corner-plot, commercial, close to the main road, etc., then the price will be very high. And, for the opposite of this situation, the price will be very low.

Therefore, it will not be wise to draw a concrete conclusion about the average price of land in i Block in Bashundhara Residential Area. If you want to learn more about the price of land in i Block, visit our office.


As you know, the price of land changes in course of time. This statement is even more true for plots in Bashundhara. The pricing information above is not any official statement from any authority. And, this pricing article is completely based on expert opinion which should not be referred to as a constant range.

Even, our understanding may change depending on many factors. For example, the authority built a big shopping mall in the block. Suddenly the price of the surrounding area will go high. So, if you want to know the real price of plots in the i Block, contact us below.

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