Land or Plot Share in Dhaka

Let's Build Apartment-Flat Together: Land or Plot Share in Dhaka

Home is the place where we feel calm and peaceful. And if you are the owner of your own home, the relief knows no bounds. However, owning a home nowadays, especially in a city like Dhaka, has become much more expensive than before. 

From buying to developing a plot is a long and costly process, which is almost impossible for most of the common people. Plus when you buy a flat directly from real estate developers, you don’t get the ownership of the land. The flat is leased out to you for a certain albeit long period of time. But when the period ends, you need to re-negotiate the deal. Hence, the shared plot concept comes in.<

Bangladesh, being a developing country means a major portion of the people has middle incomes. Having a house of their own is like a dream come true for them. With this concept of sharing plot, we are providing them an opportunity to fulfill that dream! Because of transparency and assurance, the majority of people are actually welcoming this idea.

What is the Sharing Plot Scheme?

Suppose, 'A' is looking for a plot to build a house. But all the lands 'A' has come across cost way more than his budget. The same goes for 'B' and 'C'. All of them want to buy a plot or flat but none of them can afford one individually. Now if they collaborate with each other, and share the investment among them, they would be able to buy the plot without any trouble!

And after purchasing the plot, they can develop the land into an apartment building and enjoy their shared amount of private places. Thus the costing and the hard work, all are distributed among the partners. The more the number of stakeholders, the less would be the expense.

You can always buy more shares of the plot if available. The pay rate will depend on the current price value of the property at that time. If the price goes up, you will be paying more. And if the price goes down, you will pay less.<

Presently, many real estate developers have this sharing plot scheme to accommodate your needs. With them, neither you have to search for partners nor you have to bother about developing the plot. 

Benefits of Sharing Plot:

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