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Ongoing Land Shared Project in Dhaka

Getting a home or house of your own in the capital Dhaka is a dream for most of us. Our delicate dream barely sees the light of the reality for the excessive-high price of land and plots in the city.

Especially for a person with decent earnings, it would take their entire life saving just to get a plot or house in Dhaka. Even that mightn’t be possible for a lot of people.

In existing deals, there are some developer skim where you would get a contract with permission of living in the place for about 100 or so years. Which is no solid deal if you consider it.

To tackle the need we have come up with the land shared project where every single buyer gets a share of the property and develops a house of their own. This way you can give your dream the touch of reality without implicating your savings that much.

Ongoing Land Shared Project in Dhaka
What is the Land Shared Project

What is the Land Shared Project

The land sharing project concept is nothing new. Here instead of purchasing an apartment, you can purchase land for long time ownership. Usually, for apartments, the deal stays fairly up to 100 years or so but if you buy land instead you can retain the total ownership.

In the shared project, people with similar goals in mind come together or groups together and share their investment to purchase land. Later they can decide to develop a building. The project is on a shared system. Whoever wants to purchase shares can purchase as many shares as they want. You will get the ownership proportionate to your shares invested.

Here in our project we do the grouping and share investment easier for you. You just come see, get details of the property and invest without any hesitation. The property is priced based on current market value.

Our Ongoing Land Shared Project in Dhaka

In Dhaka, we are currently operating multiple land-sharing projects in different areas. You can easily take part in any of the projects which you find meets your requirements.

Major areas we have our land sharing projects ongoing and soon to be starting:

  • Basundhara
  • Baridhara
  • Mirpur
  • Uttara
  • Dhanmondi
  • Paribagh
  • Muhammadpur
  • Shyamoli
  • Old Dhaka

We have plans to further expand our projects beyond the mentioned areas very soon. To get further details of our ongoing project you can contact us. Our team will communicate all the necessary details you might require.

Or if you want to discuss the plans and projects you can sit with our team for a detailed understanding of the overall process and the investment.

Our Ongoing Land Shared Project in Dhaka

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