About Us

About Us

Conspert Limited is a leading construction company in Bangladesh covering a range of clients’ constructions requirements. Residential construction, commercial construction, interior construction, and machinery rental services are among our key service coverage.

With superior expertise and experience, we aim high to achieve clients’ maximum satisfaction in the least possible expenses.


Why We Are Your Best Option for any Construction or Development Project?

Be it a developing multi-storied apartment, office space, or decorating an interior with jaw-dropping design, we are the name to be considered first. Here is the reason why.

Promising Track Record

We bring to the table the best work experience and completion of big range projects within the shortest possible time, maintaining the highest customer satisfaction.


Customer Focused Work Process

Center of our every work, design and development there has to be our customer. We prioritize our customer’s preference, need, and want over almost anything no matter what it takes.