Flat Price in Bashundhara Residential Area

Flat Price in Bashundhara Residential Area

Home is not an option, it's a necessity of our lives. Buying a home in the city involves a lot of factors. We consider location, nearby amenities, flat size, quality, etc. while buying a flat in the city.

But one of the core factors behind buying a flat is the price. It matters because the price of flats are not cheap like many other things we buy in our everyday life.

Flats are few of the highest value products that we buy for use. And, you don’t buy flats every day, you buy it once in a life. All these factors come into mind while talking about flat prices in Bashundhara Residential Area.

Flat Price in Bashundhara Residential Area

Price of Flats in Bashundhara Residential Area

Bashundhara is one of the several premium neighborhoods in Dhaka. The living standard along with its amenities, cleanliness, and calmness is worth spending some bucks.

The price in the neighborhood is medium compared to Gulshan and other neighborhoods. A flat that may cost 3 crore in Gulshan, will cost only 2 crore in Bashundara.

This is just a mere hypothetical estimate to give you an idea of the comparison of flat prices in Gulshan and Bashundhara residential areas.

Factors Affecting Flat Price

The price of a flat depends on many factors. The first and obvious factor is the size of the flat. But, the location of the flat plays an even more vital role in defining the price.

The following factors along with many others affect the pricing of a flat.

  • Location
  • Nearby amenities
  • Flat size
  • Flat quality
  • South facing vs others
  • Corner plot vs. non-corners

These are the most affecting factors. Let’s deep dive about the pricing.

Factors Affecting Flat Price

1. Location

Location is one of the most significant factors that affect the pricing of a flat in the city. A flat in Mirpur and a flat in Bashundhara will not cost you the same amount of money.

2. Nearby Amenities

Nearby amenities also play some role in defining the price of a flat. We don’t only live in a house. We live in an ecosystem. We buy groceries, send our kids to schools, and take our loved ones to the hospital when it is required.

Thus, we live in a complete ecosystem where the house is the central part.

So, a flat that is close to a renowned university or hospital may cost you some extra bucks compared to one that doesn’t have such amenities.

Bashundhara is a very planned neighborhood. You will get everything you need in a short distance.

3. Flat Size

The size of a flat is a crucial factor that directly affects the price. A 1000-square feet small studio apartment may cost you only Tk. 60,00,000 while a 3000 square feet flat will cost around 2 crore. So, the size of the flat is important.

If you have a larger family, you may need a bigger house. Otherwise, a small house can be suitable for your family.

4. Flat Quality

Size matters the most, but quality is another factor that you should keep in mind while thinking about the budget for a flat in Bashundhara residential area. Some low-quality flats may be very cheap whereas premium ones will have higher value

5. South Facing vs. Others

South facing flats are always in demand. These types of flats come with some added advantages. The south breeze and sunlight are the two main considerations behind choosing a south facing flat

. Some people are extremely crazy about south facing flats. They won’t buy other flats even if they cost very low. That is why the price of south facing flats are very high, be it in Bashundhara or any other neighborhoods. A standard south facing flat may cost Tk. 1,40,00,000.

6. Corner Plots vs. Non Corners

Yes, this is another consideration for defining the price of flats. Flats in the corner plots are higher in price while non-corner flats are lower in price.

What is the Average Price of Flats in Bashundhara?

It’s tough to tell you anything specific about the average price of flats in the neighborhood. Because, as mentioned above, flat prices vary a lot depending on many factors. However, in our experience, the average flat price in Bashundhara is Tk. 90,00,000.

Any Option to Buy Flats at a Lower Price?

Yes, you can think differently to have a very lower price. In the typical way, you have to spend around 1 crore to buy an average quality flat.

Want to buy one at a lower cost? Then, group housing is the solution.

Under the group housing model, you can save around 40% of the cost of a flat. If you are interested in learning more about our group housing projects, please call at: +8801886-788890