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RCC homes are becoming quite popular in Bangladesh. More and more people are getting interested in its properties. Conspert Ltd. can help you with that.

Conspert is one of the leading construction companies in Bangladesh, going strong with its other competitors. If you want high-quality buildings, contact us.

If your household's annual income is high enough, you might be eligible for the high income group housing category. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Do you have any empty plots you want to turn into a new building? A lot goes into building materials and construction that you might not know about.

As a densely populated city, the price hike is even higher in Dhaka. That is why many people are looking for low price flats in Dhaka. See these 5 low price flats

Think before you leap! Don’t waste money on expensive plans. Take help from Conspert for different types of building construction and materials.

Bashundhara is one of the several premium neighborhoods in Dhaka. In this article, we got into detail about the flat price in Bashundhara Residential Area.

Low cost housing is a method of housing that incorporates building houses at an affordable cost without

The plot price in i Block of Bashundhara varies a lot depending on many factors like south-facing or not, corner plot or not, commercial or not, etc. Learn more.

The plot price in Bashundhara L Block varies a lot based on different factors. The per katha price is not the same on all sides.

There are plenty of Challenges in construction management in Bangladesh. Most of the vendor are not aware about the current and upcoming challenges in the construction industry. Let's discuss few things

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