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Rajuk Approved Group Housing Concept in Dhaka Bangladesh

Rajuk Approved Group Housing Concept in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lately, affordable housing has been a nightmare in Bangladesh. Low-cost apartments in Dhaka are a genuine problem that drives middle-class people crazy. A single person can scarcely build up a modest single-family, multi-family home, or condominium. So, these partially capable homeowners need a way out in partnered shelters. Residential and commercial construction projects are using a breakthrough idea.

Conspert Limited offers a cost-effective group housing concept in Bangladesh to solve this issue. We develop affordable housing partnerships for you. Now, you can share a plot, flat, apartment, or home in Dhaka and other cities. This unique home privilege can create dynamic neighborhoods. Here, our best housing experts walk you through the complex applications and regulations regarding affordable housing construction and renovation.

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Who Needs Group Housing Concept in Bangladesh?

 Group Housing Concept in Bangladesh for Healthy living

People come to Conspert Limited for multiple group housing privileges. We encourage all sorts of shared housing partnerships.

Organizational: Employers often provide sheltering facilities to the staff

Closed Groups: Friends, relatives, and colleagues may come together and build up a unique community.

Individuals: Sometimes, strangers align their interests in a single building or plot to create separate housing spaces for themselves.

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Why Group Housing Getting Popular in Dhaka

With the rapid growth of the population in Bangladesh, we feel that it is urgent to give Group Housing more attention and to turn a new policy into actions for both qualitative and quantitative reforms. There are some other certain reasons behind its popularity.

Group Housing Getting Popular for Real assurance with Beautiful Nature

Such as:

  • Rapid urban population growth has led to a rise in the demand for homes, offices, and other commercial real estate. Group Housing is a great solution in that case.
  • The industry has generated a large number of jobs and made a considerable economic contribution to the nation.
  • Group housing is more affordable and profitable than single housing
  • It makes unity.
  • It ensures more safety and security.
  • The sector has received support from so many government programs and initiatives.

Why Choose Conspert Limited for Group Housing?

Best Facilitator: Group housing or collective housing uses shared homes and lands. Conspert Limited promotes standard designs for community facilities. Meanwhile, our specialists level up the legal, procedural, and structural obstacles. We deliver butter-smooth housing experiences.

 Choose Conspert Limited for a skilled team

Experienced Staff: We have the best engineers, architects, and construction planners in Bangladesh. The charm of group housing remains intact. Open living areas, inviting porches, and unique architectural styles define us

Customer-first: 24/7 customer care identifies your pain points. Top construction specialists pay attention to your concerns before all else. You have a single point of contact to consolidate a living space.

Inspirational Design: Professional designers produce custom construction layouts. Your group housing in Bangladesh can give positive vibes and a healthy atmosphere. Conspert Limited builds cherished homes with practical utilities and pleasing outlooks. Eco-friendly features, excellent interiors, and stunning services refresh your soul.

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Method of Project Construction

Client Meeting

Specialists consult you and note your construction design and renovation requirements.

Method of Project Construction

Paperwork: With us, land purchase and relevant documentation become a slick experience for you.

Housing Design

Your needs come together with our expert engineering and architectural research. Thus, we develop a 3D group housing concept in Bangladesh with modern amenities.


The best interior designers create detailed 3D interior models for you. So, you can explore the design first-hand. These visual presentations help customize the preliminary project layouts.

Project Implementation

An all-inclusive engineering, designer, and contractor team execute the project following your approval of the housing layout. We are all about the project delivery time. We make your place the best living space.

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