Low Cost Housing Project

Low Cost Housing Project in Bangladesh

House is a basic need. Wherever you live in the world, you need a house.

Every year 3.5 million new houses are built. The total number of buildings is to increase by $72.3 billion by 2025 in Bangladesh. Still, it’s been challenging to ensure safe, adequate housing for all, especially in urban areas in the country.

On top of that, the price of land is increasing every year in Dhaka and other cities. Material cost is increasing in the same, or, in some cases, at higher rates.

In such a situation, opting for a regular housing method is not affordable in many cases. So, it’s high time we went for a lost cost housing method.

But, so many people, whenever, hear the term “low cost housing”, think that it’s low quality housing with second-class materials. In this article, you will get a clear idea about low cost housing projects in Bangladesh.

What is Low Cost Housing Project

Low cost housing is a new concept and practice in the construction industry. It incorporates the idea of reducing construction and related cost by using locally available materials and different techniques. But, low cost housing doesn’t compromise with the quality of overall construction.

Low cost housing is also called affordable housing in many countries. However, the term has been popular as low cost housing in our country.

Group Housing as a Low Cost Housing Method in Bangladesh

Group Housing as a Low Cost Housing Method in Bangladesh

Group housing is not a new idea. People known to each other often organize themselves and take initiative for building their houses. This way, they can optimize the cost of construction in many ways.

For example, in group housing, people can reduce the cost by closely monitoring the construction work and reducing waste of materials.

Since, there is not a big company involved, the typical cost of big companies is not added to the total budget. This is how the construction cost gets cut.

Low Cost Housing by Conspert

Conspert has taken the initiative to complete quality low cost housing projects in different areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bashundhara and Aftabnagar are two of them.

Currently, we are working on some group housing projects in Bashundhara. We are organizing certain groups for each of the projects.

Cospert, being a full-fledged construction company, is solely focused on building quality residential buildings within an affordable cost. For achieving our goal, we have been working hard to make low cost housing a doable job without compromising with quality.

 How We Ensure Quality Despite Being in the Low-Cost Frame

How We Ensure Quality Despite Being in the Low-Cost Frame

It’s not easy to build quality houses or residential buildings within a tight budget. Our long years of experience has played a great role in helping us reduce the cost of construction.

Regular Cost Vs Low Cost in Group Housing

Let’s talk about a specific example about the comparison between regular housing cost and low cost. In one of our recent group housing projects, Conspert Dream in Bashundhara, we are using the low cost method.

In this project, the cost per square foot of a typical flat is Taka 3,90

Final Thoughts

Low cost housing has brought a great opportunity for the middle-income people of the country. Since, the method doesn’t compromise with quality, you can consider participating in one of our low cost housing projects in Dhaka.

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