Plot Price in Bashundhara L Block

It’s one of the most obvious things that the plot price is rising all over the country and Bashundhara is not an exception. While the number of plots are almost constant, so many people are becoming interested in buying land in the residential area. This is the core reason behind the price hike of land in the city.

In such a situation, if you are looking for a piece of land at a comparably affordable price, then, you should go for plots in the new blocks in Bashundhara.

L Block is one such area where the price is still affordable.

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plot price in l block

Plot Price at L Block in Bashundhara

Available Plot Sizes

The plot price in Bashundhara L Block varies a lot based on different factors. The per katha price is not the same on all sides. Two major factors are 1) face of the plot and closeness to main roads. Also, corner and non-corner plots might have different pricing.
These are the key considerations behind the price range of plots in Bashundhara.

  • 3 Katha
  • 4 Katha
  • 5 Katha
  • 7.5 & 10 Katha
  • South Facing
  • Non-South Facing

A. Price Range by Plot Size

Since Bashundhara is a residential area, the plots are organized in a way that you can at least build a residential house in one single plot.
Therefore, the smallest plot size is 3 katha. The available sizes are:

  • 3 katha
  • 4 Katha
  • 5 Katha
  • 7.5 Katha
  • 10 katha
Price Range of Plots in Bashundhara

However, based on availability, you can have 2 or more plots together in a row. In that case, your plot size may be 3+3=6, 3+3+3=9, 4+4=8, 4+4+4=12 katha etc.

1. 3 Katha Plots:

3 katha is the smallest plot size in Bashundhara. Which means, if you want to buy a plot in the residential area at the lowest possible price, you have to choose a 3 katha plot.

The average 3 katha plots in L Block are priced between the range of 55 lakh to 70 lakh per katha. So, if you want to spend the least amount of money for a plot in Bashundhara, you have to spend around 16500000 taka.

2. 4 Katha Plots:

4 katha is the second smallest plot size in Bashundhara followed by 3 katha plots. 4 katha plots are always in demand. Want to visit 4 katha plots? We can help you. Call us at: 01886-788890

Normally, 4 katha plots are priced between 55 lakh to 75 lakh per katha. The 4 katha plots are on the side of a 300 feet road. That is one of the reasons behind the price.

3. 5 Katha Plots:

5 Katha is one of the most common plot sizes in Bashundhara and any other premium location in Dhaka. There are many 5 katha plots still available in L Block.

If you plan to make a slightly larger building, then you should have a 5 katha plot. Price range normally stays anywhere between 60 lakh to 85 lakh taka per katha.

The 5 katha plots are closer to the 300-feet road. So, the price is higher.

4. Large Plot Price (7.5 katha and 10 katha):

The large plot options are 7.5 katha and 10 katha in Bashundhara. However, 7.5 katha plots are not available in L Block.

There are few 10-katha plots in the block. The price of these types of plots normally start from 60 lakh taka.

B. Price Range by Plot Face Direction

5. South Facing Plot Price in L Block:

Many people dream of living in a south facing house. Why? South facing houses come with a number of benefits for the dwellers.

Most of the time of the day, the Sun remains in the south. It gives sunlight and a south breeze. The Sun is also a source of Vitamin D. These natural values make south facing houses worthier.

These plots are normally categorized premium ones. Depending on other factors, the price may start from 65 lakh.

6. Other Plot Price in the Block:

The price of plots other than south facing ones, are normally less than south facing plots. These are affordable options. Price may range from 60 lakh to 70 lakh per katha.

What’s the Conclusion?

It’s not easy to draw any conclusion about the price of land in Bashundhara. The price may vary very much depending on other factors.

For example:

  • A south facing plot is normally higher than others.
  • A corner plot will be much higher.
  • A plot adjacent to the main road may be even higher. Because, these are for commercial buildings.
  • And, a plot that is, at the same time, south facing, situated at the corner and beside the main road, will get the highest price.

So, there are diverse pricing options for plots in the L Block in Bashundhara. Contact us on the following details to learn more or visit our office in Bashundhara.