Types of Building Construction and Materials: Learn Before You Buy

Types of Building Construction and Materials: Learn Before You Buy

Have you ever looked up to a high rise and wondered, OMG! Could that building have some building construction and materials improvement?

Being a constructor, We know how important it is to work on the look and safety of your building. Many people ignore that having quality construction and building materials can improve the overall class of their foundation.

But let’s not repeat the same mistake with your dream project. Here are different types of building construction and materials to have a jaw-dropping effect on your foundation.

Types of Building Construction

There are four major building construction types. Building constructions are categorized by their usability and the scale of work they require to establish a foundation.

The four types of Building Construction are:

Residential Constructions

Residential buildings are made with the purpose of living in them. There are many steps involved, like repairing, remodeling, or rebuilding the structures in order to accommodate humans and their essential supplies.

These kinds of constructions include row houses, triplexes, condos, or dormitories. Some parts of these constructions are dedicated to garages, safety sheds, and other utility installations like plumbing networks or electricity wiring as well.

If you are thinking, who does all the construction jobs? The design of residential buildings is proposed by professional designers or architects.

Besides, there are some construction companies in Bangladesh that provide superior construction services within your budget range.

Residential Constructions
Institutional-Commercial Building

Institutional-Commercial Building

Large-scale projects like schools, college shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, or other skyscrapers are examples of institutional and commercial buildings.

These kinds of constructions are not totally different from residential buildings when it comes to maintaining utility facilities or rebuilding new structures.

Most institutional and commercial constructions are sponsored by the local and national governments of Bangladesh. Only a handful of them, like retail stores or private hospitals, are commissioned by individuals.

Infrastructure-Heavy Construction

Different urbanization projects like building railways or establishing communication around a city are appropriate infrastructure and heavy construction examples.

Although, this kind of construction is not like any regular building structure. The government simply develops them in order to privilege the interests of the common people.

Infrastructures like tunnels, highways, or underground sewerage systems are a part of these types of constructions.

Infrastructure-Heavy Construction
Special Industrial Construction

Special Industrial Construction

We all know about Rooppur Nuclear Power Station. But have you ever thought about what kind of infrastructure power plants like that are?

Different power plants or chemical factories fall under the category of special industrial construction.

They are called specialized because these constructions are also modified for their production capacity.

For example, chemical plants are developed to contain and run oil refineries.

And power plants are built to run nuclear power facilities.

These kinds of constructions are built for profit and simply for power generation to meet up the consumers’ needs. Most of these infrastructures are government-built.

Here end our four types of building infrastructure. It’s time to take a look at the building materials that can help you develop a strong and attractive foundation.

Types of Building Materials

Different materials are used to establish and enhance your foundation. Many man-made materials, along with naturally occurring elements are used in any construction.

To know more about them, we have included this list for you. Learn widely before investing a vast amount of money in your construction materials.

Types of Building Materials
Naturally Occurring Materials

Naturally Occurring Materials

Natural materials are those that undergo minimal processing or are used in an unprocessed state.

Natural materials are abundant in nature. Examples include mud, rocks, stone, clay, or other fibrous trees.

These three are the most basic forms of natural elements. Everyone uses these materials to build homes for themselves unless it’s the Eskimos who use ice blocks to build shelter and homes for themselves.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are not like natural organic elements. Unlike natural elements, they undergo different phases of manipulation. Most of these manipulations are human-made.

Synthetic Materials include plastic or redefined paints. In every construction, for plumbing or wall painting, these elements are much needed.

These are two of the most common building materials.

Other elements also include fabrics, thatch, brush, woods, concrete, glass or so.

Synthetic Materials

Are You Not Confident Enough With Your Building Structure and Materials?

It’s very usual to question the standard of your building construction and materials. Only a handful of construction experts can analyze the best for you.

Based on their years of experience and skillset, it’s easier to figure out what’s best for your requirement.

Conspert, one of the most skilled construction experts in Bangladesh, is all you need to give life to your dream project following an affordable budget and standard.

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