Residential Construction Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Residential Construction Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Home is where our heart lies. Where we keep our memories arranged for a lifetime. And when the question comes to this home and how its construction should be, the slightest of compromise is never accepted by us. We always want the best for our once-in-a-lifetime investment and a safe shelter for our families and generations to come.

In Dhaka, residential construction work became a cliche for the overwhelming competition of different builders, contractors, and companies. But when you will line them up based on the quality of work barely a few would stick up.

For the safest and reliable shelter, Conspert’s residential construction service alleviates its standard to an optimum level. Which not only offers you a roof to stay under but also a safe nesting for multiple generations.

What We Use for Residential Construction Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

 What We Use for Residential Construction Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Conspert’s residential construction at high-quality standards has made them an outlier in the intense competition. There are many ongoing and further projects by Conspert which are soon to be completed.

Our residential construction services covers:

  • Layout, PaperWork, and Planning
  • Excavation and Groundwork
  • Piling Work
  • Foundation Work
  • Footing Reinforcement
  • Construction Wall
  • Roofing Work
  • Tiles
  • Painting
  • Electrical and Wiring, etc.


Why Choose Us for Interior Construction Service

Quality work without harming nature is one of our prime focuses. We make our designs to promote functionality and practicality while utilizing the space properly.

Our expert interior contractors will test all the material and equipment to ensure a safe and standard build-up

All our tools and materials are lab tested and authorized by administrations to ensure a safe working space.


We take care of each element following the design and proper execution, leaving no chances of mistake.


We believe in following a proper timeline. We will make sure the formation work is complete within our estimated deadline.


The Way We Work

  The Way We Work

Planning and Designing

Our customer relationship manager and engineers along with the clients will sit together to share necessary information and derive perfect planning and designing in accordance with the clients’ demands.


Development and Materials Choosing

We then choose the best materials for the construction and take proper steps for the development process.


Work in Progress

A highly experienced workforce and engineers will get their hands on the project for maximum workflow.



After successful completion, our team will hand over the property with full satisfaction. If you have a property or have plans to construct your home in Dhaka, Bangladesh you can completely rely on Conspert for the best possible service. Contact us for more details.


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