Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For Group Housing

  1. You have to fill out a specific form provided by CONSPERT Limited, attaching 4 copies passport size photos, NID & TIN with it, and then booking money has to be paid to the bank account of CONSPERT Limited through check/bank draft or pay the order.

  2. After paying the booking fees, you have to pay the remaining dues on the day when land registration is done.

  3. 1st meeting will be held in the office of CONSPERT limited with all shareholders within 7 days after land registration. In the meeting, the buying committee and audit committee will be formed and approved a constitution. A bank account in the name of the CONSPERT project will be opened in any scheduled bank. This account will be run with the signature of one person from the committee and another one from CONSPERT limited. A responsibility agreement between society and the company will be executed, on the basis of which the company will carry out all the functions.

  4. Before construction work starts, 20% down payment of expenses from piling to finishing and project management costs per share and the remaining amount is to be paid in 24 to 30 months installments.

  5. Except for a total of 2 shareholders located on the first and top floor of the building, the others will have to pay some extra amount of money (the exact amount will be determined later), by which first and top floor shareholders will be given an amount of money.

  6. Towards the end of construction of the building (70% of roofing work is completed and after outside wall masonry), the deed of distribution of the flat will be executed through a lottery in the presence of all flat owners or their representatives.

  7. A written contract of project management work will be executed between all shareholders and the Project Implementation Committee i.e., CONSPERT Ltd, and the shareholders will provide advice and overall advice for the construction of the project.

  8. If any shareholder fails to pay 2 consecutive installments, appropriate action will be taken based on the opinion of all the shareholders subject to discussion with him.

  9. If a shareholder wants to sell/cancel shares, this will need to be completed on the basis of the opinion of both shareholders and CONSPERT Ltd.

For Construction Management

  1. The drawing work must have a quality design, RAJUK approval, and the signature of the engineer.

  2. If the owner wants to provide all the construction materials, this must-have good quality. We don’t work with 2nd class quality materials.

  3. Working freedom is needed for good quality work.

  4. If you want to change the design in the middle of the work, you must have the signature of the architect-engineer and structural engineer.

  5. If the amount of work increases with the design change, the budget will increase, which is subject to approval.

  6. If the building has more than one owner, everyone has to give permission for each decision.